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Updates on Consumer Product Sustainability Under the European Green Deal
[Wednesday, 29th Nov 2023]
Updates on Consumer Product Sustainability Under the European Green Deal
Angelita Hu

The European Green Deal is a comprehensive plan introduced by the European Union to transform Europe into a climate-neutral and sustainable continent by 2050. Central to the European Green Deal is the promotion of a circular economy, which entails designing, manufacturing, and utilizing products in a way that minimizes resource use, waste generation, and environmental impact. By focusing on product sustainability, the European Green Deal aims to create a more resilient and eco-friendly economy while enhancing the well-being of consumers. 

During this webinar, Angelita Hu will give a full introduction to the latest policies, regulations, and initiatives related to consumer product sustainability within the framework of the European Green Deal, covering hot topics such as eco-design, EPR, green claim, and digital product passport.


1. An overview of European Green Deal (EGD)

  • What is European Green Deal?

  • Roadmap

  • 8 Actions

2. Policies under the Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP)

  • Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (PPWD)

  • Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR)

  • Directive on Green Claims

3. Zero Pollution Ambition

  • Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability (CSS)

  • PFAS Restrictions

4. From 'Farm to Fork'

* The final outline may be subject to subtle revision.

Angelita Hu
ChemLinked Content Manager
Angelita Hu is the content manager and regulatory analyst at ChemLinked. She focuses on researching cosmetic and food regulations in China, the rest of the Asia Pacific region, Europe, and the Americas, promoting and implementing regulatory content innovation and finding global partners to co-build a content ecosystem.
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