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Regulatory Compliance of EU Recycled Plastics for Food Packaging
[Thursday, 2nd Nov 2023]
Regulatory Compliance of EU Recycled Plastics for Food Packaging
Aaron Cheng

The utilization of recycled plastics as food contact materials has become increasingly important for sustainability and resource conservation. The European Union (EU) has implemented stringent regulations and standards to ensure the safety and compliance of recycled plastics used in food packaging and other food contact applications. Understanding and navigating these regulations are vital for businesses to explore the recycled plastics market.

Through this webinar, you will gain valuable knowledge and practical guidance on how to meet the compliance needs of food contact recycled plastics in the EU. Our expert speakers will provide valuable insights into the regulatory background, interpretation of key regulations, data requirements for application, and highlight the differences between EU and US regulations.


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Part 1 Regulatory System on EU Recycled Plastics

1.1 Overview of Regulatory Background

1.2 Relevant Certification of Recycled Plastics

1.3 Introduction to Regulatory System

Part 2 Interpretation of Regulation (EU) 2022/1616

Part 3 Data Requirements for Recycled Plastic Application

3.1 Application Requirements of PET Mechanical Recycling

3.2 Differences between EU and US Application

3.3 Application Workflow

Part 4 Q&A session

*The final outline may be subject to subtle revision.

Aaron Cheng
FCM Business Manager
Aaron Cheng is a Food Contact Material Business Manager working at REACH24H. Aaron possesses a great wealth of experience in market access and has helped numerous customers successfully solve the compliance issues of food contact materials worldwide. With a strong focus on recycled plastics, Aaron has developed an in-depth understanding of food contact recycled plastics compliance in both U.S. and EU.
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