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Regulatory Compliance of US Recycled Plastics for Food Packaging
[Wednesday, 27th Sep 2023]
Regulatory Compliance of US Recycled Plastics for Food Packaging
Aaron Cheng

Under the trend of global green and environmental protection, sustainable development has become the focus of the world today. While plastic products bring great convenience to social life, they also cause serious pollution to the ecological environment due to their high usage and low recycling rate.

The global commitment to reducing plastic waste is driving an increasing preference for recycled plastics among packaging material manufacturers and plastic producers because of their excellent environmental protection and emission reduction effects. At the same time, the safety assessment and compliance requirements for the application of recycled plastics in the food contact field have also attracted widespread attention from all walks of life. As pioneers in the safety assessment of food contact recycled plastics, the US has established a relatively complete regulatory system for food contact recycled plastics and provides companies with guidelines and official channels to evaluate the applicability and safety of their recycling processes.

In this topic, our speaker will share with you the compliance requirements for recycled plastics in the US and introduce the FDA NOL application requirements from the aspects of regulatory background, application data requirements, application procedures, etc. 


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Part 1 Regulatory Background on Recycled Plastics

Part 2 Compliance Requirements for U.S. Recycled Plastics

2.1 Introduction of NOL

2.2 Data Requirements for NOL Application

2.3 Introduction of Challenge Test

Part 3 Data Statistics of FDA NOL

Part 4 Q&A session

*The final outline may be subject to subtle revision.

Aaron Cheng
FCM Business Manager
Aaron Cheng is a Food Contact Material Business Manager working at REACH24H. Aaron possesses a great wealth of experience in market access and has helped numerous customers successfully solve the compliance issues of food contact materials worldwide. With a strong focus on recycled plastics, Aaron has developed an in-depth understanding of food contact recycled plastics compliance in both U.S. and EU.
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